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My Little Village | Home

My Little Village | Home

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My Little Village Home Book and Puzzle

My Home from My Little Village is a book, puzzle and toy activity set which includes a 64 page book with pictures, a 16 piece puzzle (42 × 42cm) and 5 wooden figures  to provide plenty of fun!

The kit provides endless opportunities for learning and stimulating the child's senses. The content is graphically designed in colours and the layout is appropriate for young children.

A fun activity kit that includes:

  • A great 64 pages book all about the home and houses
  • A box that you can use as your own doll house
  • Five high-quality wooden family figures
  • A puzzle with 16 chunky pieces  to create your own local area
  • Various cardboard elements to enhance the play value

The concept of the series is to provide a meaningful playing and learning experience for the child which can grow as they expand their village with others from the My Little Village range.

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