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Logical Toys - Hey Clay - Doggie

Logical Toys - Hey Clay - Doggie

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The kids are guaranteed to sculpt an attractive character! Encouraged by their talent, they will be motivated to create further and surely have a lot of fun! Entertaining app with simple interactive sculpting guides and animated jokes for every character, and fun games on top of that. Interacting with the app, a child will always be satisfied with the process and result of modeling, as the clear interactive instructions for sculpting help to avoid mistakes. About Animals Set We invited the most famous animals, turned them into characters and created the HEY CLAY animal world. A pig, a horse, a sheep, a cow, a brave dog and a cunning rabbit — they are especially loved by children. Sculpt, play and fantasize with them. The Set Includes — 3 Cans — QR code for sculpting instructions in the app

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