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Bobux I-Walk Gem Navy Sparkle - EU23

Bobux I-Walk Gem Navy Sparkle - EU23

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Best sandals for running, jumping respecting the development of the foot and lower limb.

  1. Wide toe to allow you to widen and close the toes in the different movements of the foot
  2. Promotes the development of the muscles that form the plantar arch
  3. The Zero drop helps to always maintain the natural position
  4. Very good fit thanks to the two tears on the instep

The arch of the foot forms and strengthens around 7/8 years and for some even up to 10 years.

The plantar arch is formed with physical exercise, with the use of the toes both in the opening phase and in the "clinging" phase ...

It is therefore important that your baby's shoes have a nice wide toe, that they are soft and that they support all the movements of your baby's foot.


With an adjustable glitter strap on the toe adds sparkle to any summer look.The ankle strap adds further adjustment, paired with a padded collar and leather lining for maximum comfort. Premium leather and glittery rubber on the sole make this sandal glamorous and lively. Available in all sizes.

Upper in 100% certified leather

Leather lining

TPR sole

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