Three Reasons to buy a custom-made Christening gown.

Christening and Communion gowns are cherished possessions like wedding dresses.

1. Personalisation

The christening gown standard is a tradition, not a requirement. Therefore, it is okay for parents to have fun with different ideas and provide their little ones with a gown like no other. Such fun features may include hand smocking, smocking with beads, hand embroidered bullion roses.

 2. Bespoke

Christening gowns are made to be traditional and tasteful to capture the young one’s innocence being welcomed into the faith. Often, this means longer gowns, either past the ankle or around the ankle. However, the traditional christening gown has been given many modern twists.  One thing you’re guaranteed, is that your christening gown when handmade by an experienced seamstress, will be beautiful and of innocent colour and made from high-quality materials such as silk or pure cotton.
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3. Creating an heirloom

The sentiment of knowing your great grandmother, grandma, and mother were christened in the gown your daughter will be christened in adds a lot of value to a gown. That value that is placed on a family christening gown may even be greater if the gown has embroidery and hand sewn by a professional seamstress.

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At Amelia’s, we custom sew Christening gowns with a 2–3-week lead-time and deliver them throughout New Zealand and Australia.  If you’ve got need for a Christening gown, we would love to help you.  Please get in touch here.

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