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Hape - Human Body Magnetic Puzzle

Hape - Human Body Magnetic Puzzle

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Unleash your child`s creativity with our magnetic dress-up set. Mix and match clothing pieces to create endless stylish outfits for the boy and girl models. Organise a fashion show based on your child’s favourite clothing combinations where they can ‘walk’ the runway and talk about why they made certain design choices. This helps to build up their confidence, communication and storytelling abilities. ENDLESS WAYS TO PLAY: With 62 pieces of magnetic clothing, the possibilities are endless as little designers dress up their boy and girl figurines using the latest fashion and accessories.
INSPIRE THEIR CREATIVITY: This magnetic puzzle encourages children to get creative and dress up the models based on their own unique styles and come up with stories about the model and their favourite fashion items.
DEVELOPS PATTERN RECOGNITION: This set helps children to start to recognise different colours, patterns and textures in a fun, relatable setting.
FUN WITH FASHION: Included with the stylish clothes and accessories are seasonal clothes for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, themed clothes, hats, shoes, glasses and full outfits.
DURABLE DESIGN: This puzzle’s durable wooden base and strong magnetic backing will withstand hours of dress-up fun.

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