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Fluffy the Mousy


Brand Amelias Childrenswear

Fluffy the Mousy is a fashionable and progressive girl, so her love for the perfume «Chanel No 5» is not at all a sign of conservatism! This legendary perfume, as well as its famous creator, inspires and motivates Fluffy the Mousy to new achievements. She wants to create her own fragrance that will conquer the world! She has already made several versions of perfume compositions, but the results do not please her. Not only does Fluffy the Mousy not despair, she continues to engage in the passion for her beloved work. It is truly amazing! Chemistry, alchemy, and art! By the way, winemaking is another exquisite occupation that Fluffy the Mousy plans to try after she achieves everything in perfumery!

Fluffy stands 37cm Tall! 

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